NuSmile NeoMTA FAQs

Can I use a paper pad to mix the Powder and Gel?

Yes, but make sure it's a high quality coated pad that doesn’t absorb water. Glass slabs work best for mixing NuSmile NeoMTA.

What is the best mixing method?

We recommend dispensing 1 scoop of NuSmile NeoMTA onto a glass slab or mixing pad. Dispense one drop of Gel onto the glass slab or mixing pad separate from the Powder. Slowly incorporate a small amount of Gel into the Powder, mixing thoroughly. Continue to add Gel, mixing thoroughly until you’ve reached the desired consistency.

What is the proper Powder/Gel ratio?

The Powder/Gel ratio can be varied to suit the case and your preferred application technique. For pulp sealing/capping use a Powder/Gel ratio of approximately 1:1. For root-end filling (apexification) treatment a thicker consistency (Powder/Gel ratio of 3-4:1) is usually preferred.

My Powder/Gel mixture is sticky, what should I do?

Add more Powder (less than 1 scoop). Next time, use less Gel; or gradually add the Gel.

What should I use – NuSmile NeoMTA Gel or water?

Mixing the Powder with the Gel gives the superior consistency and quicker washout resistance. This is the recommended method.

What is the best instrument to use to place NuSmile NeoMTA into the pulp chamber when performing a pulpotomy?

We recommend placing NuSmile NeoMTA with a plastic instrument, amalgam dispenser or an MTA carrier.

What is the best instrument to place NuSmile NeoMTA for root-end filling?(Apexification or Pulpectomy where there is no successor tooth)

Use any convenient instrument, even a plastic instrument to deliver a small cone. The putty-like consistency of the Gel/Powder mixture makes delivery simple. A Messing gun, amalgam dispenser, Dovgan MTA carrier, or the MAP™ system can also be used.

Should I refrigerate the kit or its components?

No, this doesn’t help extend the shelf life, and the humidity of the refrigerator may cause the Powder to absorb more moisture and deteriorate.

What kind of mixing instrument should I use?

Use a fairly stiff metal spatula. Metal spatulas allow easier mixing and faster incorporation of the Powder and Gel than plastic spatulas.

How do I clean up NuSmile NeoMTA after it is set?

Soak the glass slab or instrument in vinegar until the cement starts to soften.

What is the composition of the Gel component of NuSmile NeoMTA?

The Gel is a water-based (>50% water) liquid. In addition to water, the other components of the Gel are proprietary ingredients that NuSmile does not disclose. These components are known to be non-allergenic and non-sensitizing. All of the components have been used successfully in other medical implanted devices. In implantation tests, no issues of biocompatibility were detected with in the Gel. When mixed in the recommended ratio (3 parts Powder: 1 part Gel), each proprietary component of the Gel will be present at a concentration of less than 5% of the total mixture.

What if I mix NuSmile NeoMTA and it dries out?

Add some Gel to break up the matrix and get the consistency you want. This works well within the first hour after mixing. Alternatively, cover the mixed MTA with a moist gauze "tent" or a petri dish.

How long does it take NuSmile NeoMTA to set?

When the powder is mixed to a putty-like consistency using the gel, washout resistance is achieved in about 3 minutes after mixing has begun. For putty-like mixtures, initial set occurs in 15 minutes in vivo, while final set occurs within 50 minutes. For thinner mixtures these times are extended with final set typically achieved within 3 hours. The procedure can be continued and completed immediately after the material is placed.

Can I place a composite or glass ionomer over the NuSmile NeoMTA to secure it in the pulp chamber?

Yes, this is an easy and quick way to secure the MTA. Although not required due to NeoMTA's quick wash-out resistance, you can place a light curable flowable composite or glass ionomer over NuSmile NeoMTA to secure it in the pulp chamber or treated area. If you use a flowable composite that requires etching, etch the tooth, not the MTA. Then proceed with the rest of the restoration on top of the flowable material. You can also use ZOE paste to secure the NuSmile NeoMTA.

Can I place the pulp cap and complete the restoration before NuSmile NeoMTA is completely set?

Yes, you can place the cap and complete the restoration immediately after placing NeoMTA. NuSmile NeoMTA will harden/set underneath the material used to secure it.

What is the shelf life of NuSmile NeoMTA?

The Kits have a 3-year shelf life from their manufacturing date. Don’t leave the Powder or Gel containers open. The Powder’s shelf-life is primarily dictated by humidity absorption. This reduces the shelf life by increasing the set time and reducing the compressive strength. After expiration, the Gel will get too thin to be satisfactory.