NuSmile ZR/SSC MINI Bundle

MINI Bundle (RETAIL $2568.29)
Contains 56 NuSmile ZR + Try-Ins, 24 SSC Crowns, 0.65gm NeoPUTTY, 5gm BioCem, Consultation Model, Preparation Bur Kit and other valuable accessories

The only complete zirconia restorative system based on scientific evidence.

NuSmile ZR and SSC MINI Bundle contains:

 • ZR Anterior Master Kit

• SSC Evaluation Kit

• BioCem — 5mL

• NeoPUTTY Starter Kit — 0.65gm

• Consultation Model

• Express Prep Bur Kit

• Parent Education Brochures

• Zirconia Table-Top Display

1 - set of 50 ZR Posterior Brochures for Parents

All Crown Kits include NuSmile ZR Try-In Kits


NuSmile ZR Zirconia crowns:

  • Metal-free 100% zirconia ceramic
  • Superior esthetics
  • Nature replicating translucency
  • Tested superior in strength, fracture resistance and wear
  • Matching Try-In crowns eliminate saliva and blood contamination
  • Easy to use - conservative preparations

NuSmile SSC:

  • Optimized contour and height results in less trimming
  • Highly polished surgical grade 316L stainless steel
  • Laser-etched, autoclavable ID on lingual
  • Anatomically accurate for better occlusion and better function
  • Ideally tempered for easier trimming/contouring

NuSmile NeoPUTTY:

  • Higher radiopacity
  • 10 indications
  • BioActive - promotes dentinal bridging
  • Non-toxic, unlike formocresol
  • Immediately washout resistant
  • Putty-like consistency, easy to apply
  • Non-staining

BioCem Universal BioActive Cement:

  • CemBiotic - bioactive and biocompatible; forms hydroxyapatite and releases beneficial ionic species
  • Superior bond strength to both stainless steel and zirconia
  • Optimized consistency, handling and cure
  • Does not shrink or wash out
  • Withstands sudden shock

See NuSmile ZR Zirconia, NuSmile SSC, NuSmile NeoPUTTY, NuSmile BioCem for Technical Specifications