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We Couldn’t Be More Honored. Literally.

June 17, 2022 2 min read

The past few years have brought a parade of honors and awards that have been very gratifying and very humbling to all of us at NuSmile.

Dentaltown’s “Townie Choice Award”: NuSmile ZR and Signature Crowns
We just won our third consecutive “TCA” for the Crown & Bridge: Primary Crowns - Pre-formed Esthetic category. The fact that this award is determined by practicing dentists makes it especially sweet, as does the fact that we’re the only company to have ever won this prestigious honor.

Dental Product Shopper’s “Best Product” Rating: NuSmile NeoMTA
We were pretty sure dentists would love NuSmile NeoMTA, the first cost-effective MTA for pediatric dentistry, but it was nice to have Dental Product Shopper’s evaluators confirm this. They gave it the highest rating possible—“Best Product”—and loved its handling and non-staining properties as well as its value.

Dental Product Shopper’s “Best Product” Rating: NuSmile ZR Zirconia Crowns
What would you call the world’s only zirconia crowns that come with pink Try-In crowns to prevent the possibility of saliva or blood contamination—especially when those crowns also deliver unsurpassed esthetics and durability? “Best Product” seems to be as good a description as any.

Dental Product Shopper’s “Best Product” Rating: NuSmile Signature Pre-Veneered Crowns
This “Best Product” is also pediatric dentistry’s “Best Selling Product,” with over 4 million restorations to its credit over the years. Signature is absolutely your best pre-veneered crown option when it comes to durability, ease of placement and value.

Dentistry Today’s “Top 100 Products” Honor: NuSmile NeoMTA
For Dentistry Today’s readers to name NuSmile NeoMTA one of the industry’s top 100 products in its first year seems almost unfathomable, considering the tens of thousands of products they choose from. We hope NeoMTA doesn’t get a big head!

Dental Product Shopper’s “Best Product” Rating: NuSmile BioCem
NuSmile BioCem is the only cement on the market that meets the essential requirements for cementing zirconia pediatric crowns: ease of use, strong adhesion to zirconia, ability to tack cure, and cost effectiveness.  BioCem works its special magic by forming hydroxyapatite available to integrate and replenish tooth structure while also releasing phosphate, calcium and fluoride ions.

Of course, all of our customers vote every day when they decide which pediatric crowns, pulp therapy medicament, or cement they trust to use with their patients, and those are the votes that mean the most to us.