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Why choose Effitec Needles?

  • The patented Effitec Needles possess a distinctive feature with their double beveled cutting edge, which resembles that of a scalpel blade. This innovative design ensures that patients experience minimal sensation during needle penetration, as the tissues are incised instead of being torn, resulting in a completely painless experience.
  • When performing intraligamentary (PDL) and intraseptal (subcrestal) injections, the needle used will penetrate painlessly. This enhanced needle penetration allows for easier and more effective administration of anesthesia.
  • A unique feature on the needle hub known as the "intelligent" bevel indicator assists in correctly orienting the bevel. This ensures a shallow and painless anesthesia by enabling precise needle penetration.

The Advantages of Effitec Needles


The beveled edge of the scalpel blade aids in making precise incisions and minimizing trauma for the patient.

Adapted for intraosseous anesthesia

The design of the scalpel blade bevel ensures optimal performance by facilitating easier penetration without the risk of bone heating.


Effitec® Needles are designed to be compatible with all metric model syringes available in the market, making them suitable for use with various anesthesia techniques.

Easier penetration

The beveled edge of the scalpel blade facilitates incision on the mucosal surface, reducing the force required by dental professionals for penetrating dense tissues and administering anesthesia to the periosteum through needle penetration.

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