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NuSmile SSC FAQs

Yes, we will provide a sample of our NuSmile SSC which also includes our Technical Guide/IFU explaining the product in more detail. Please call NuSmile Customer Service to request a sample.

Cold sterilization, autoclave or steam sterilization according to the manufacturer of the sterilizers standard instructions are all acceptable methods.

Yes, NuSmile SSCs may be shortened using either our shortening bur if only minor shortening is required or with crown and bridge scissors if significant shortening is required. If the crown is shortened such that a significant amount of the contour is lost, then crown crimping/contouring pliers may be used to re-contour the crown in order to achieve a snap-fit.


For NuSmile SSC Pre-contoured crowns use: D2930 – Prefabricated Stainless Steel Crown - Primary Tooth

As the name indicates one has contoured walls (pre-contoured) while the other has straight walls. NuSmile SSC’s allow you to obtain a classic "snap fit" when the tooth is properly prepared and the crown size is correctly selected. This allows the crown to grab onto the tooth to achieve mechanical retention, regardless of the cement being used. The "snap fit" also helps to insure a good marginal seal over time, especially if a pure glass ionomer cement is used, since glass ionomer cements are water soluble and can wash out over time if the margin is open. Although straight-walled crowns can be trimmed, shaped and contoured by a skilled clinician to achieve the same result, doing so is time-consuming and technique sensitive. Most clinicians have switched from using straight-walled stainless steel pediatric crowns to using pre-contoured crowns since the price difference is small (if any) and the time savings using a pre-contoured crowns is very significant, more than compensating for any difference in price.

For NuSmile SSCs use NuSmile BioCem® Universal BioActive Cement or a high quality glass ionomer cement. Completely load the crown with cement so there are no voids. The NuSmile SSC should have a "snap fit".

NuSmile SSCs should remain intact until the tooth exfoliates, unless the child is a very heavy bruxer, in which case it is possible, though rare, that the occlusal surface could wear through. Stainless steel crowns have been used effectively for primary tooth restoration for many years. You can expect the same good results with NuSmile SSC’s.


Pulpal therapy should not be needed for a NuSmile SSC placement unless dictated by the extent of caries.

NuSmile SSCs are made of surgical grade 316 stainless steel.