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Why choose the Soan cordless electronic local anesthetic delivery system?

Why choose the Soan cordless
computer-controlled local
anesthetic delivery system?

Compact and lightweight, Soan offers the efficiency of an electronic injection combined with the convenience of a cordless device. This innovative system is the world’s most precise anesthetic delivery method.

  • Easy and convenient handling

  • Painless for ALL injections(even palatal) thanks to precision of a real pen grip associated with adapted flow rates

  • Soan's use with Effitec Needles eliminates the puncture sensation offering the patient an optimal anesthesia experience

  • Easy and effective intraligamentary injectionsresulting in fast onset anesthesia without any collateral numbness (bilateral mandibular treatments possible)

  • Non-threatening designthat reassures all patients

  • Optimal for performance of intraosseous anesthesia on children  (efficiency for MIH, pulpitis, etc...)



Cordless and requires no disposable batteries, fitting perfectly into your environment and meets your needs.


Calculates the resistance of the tissues in real-time and adjusts the injection speed and pressure accordingly for a pain-free patient experience.


Its elegant, non-threatening design is suitable for both children and adults.


Pen grip design so your fingers grasp the device close to the needle for maximum precision.


    SOAN is aligned with our commitment to protecting the environment. It is made with local materials,the accessories are sterilizable, and the packaging is entirely recyclable.

No muscle strain

Electronically controlled injection by simply pressing the pedal.

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