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NuSmile offers the only complete zirconia crown system that avoids contamination of the crown to be cemented. Scientific research, specifically a study by Kern, et al, published in Dental Materials 24, 508 (2008), shows that saliva contamination adversely affected the bond strength of cement to zirconia, and that the contamination could not be easily removed by common cleaning procedures. NuSmile Try-In crowns ensure optimal cement retention to zirconia, save valuable chair-time and simplify the clinical procedure.

Saliva contamination (60 seconds) effect on zirconium
oxide ceramics following various cleaning regimes


NuSmile ZR crowns have been designed using digital and CBCT scans of actual primary and permanent teeth. As a result, NuSmile ZR crowns have better marginal adaptation to the tooth and are thinner at the cervical opening compared to other brands. This results in decreased likelihood of cement washout, reducing the possibility of cementation failure or secondary decay.


The tissue response and speed of recovery after crown placement with NuSmile ZR crowns is unmatched resulting in better esthetics and increased parent satisfaction. Oral health can be improved due to zirconia's high biocompatibility and reduction in plaque can be achieved due to NuSmile ZR crowns highly polished surface.

Gloss of various pediatric zirconia crowns


Using our exclusive patented manufacturing process, we are able to achieve a highly uniform particle density to produce a zirconia crown with superior strength and minimum wall thickness.

NuSmile ZR posterior (DLL5) fracture load test


NuSmile ZR is the only pediatric zirconia crown that has been tested for wear to natural primary enamel. These tests prove that NuSmile ZR wears comparable to natural enamel against natural enamel.

NuSmile zirconia stylus tips

Wear screening performed with Leinfelder instrument

Wear of primary enamel by NuSmile ZR ceramic at 800,000 cycles = 4 years (pilot project)

NuSmile ZR crowns are engineered to stand up overtime under extreme conditions. Our crowns have been tested for fracture resistance after artificial aging and cyclic fatigue simulating more than four years use in a child’s mouth. You can trust that these crowns will last until primary tooth exfoliation.

NuSmile ZR value of fracture load after cyclic fatigue