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Why choose the electronic injection with SleeperOne⑤ ?

Thanks to its pen-like grip SleeperOne⑤ offers great precision. This electronic injection perfectly controls the injection speeds enabling completely painless attached gingiva and palatal anesthesia. It’s friendly ang high-tech design will reassure patientsand reduce the anxiety associated with manual syringes.

  • Painless and effective anaesthesia due to the progressive electronic injection system 

  • The anesthetic penetrates drop by drop into the tissues without pain

  • Simplifies the delivery of anesthetic into dense tissues without muscular effort 

  • Reduces post-operative injection pain 

  • Contributes towards the effectiveness of the injection



SleeperOne is easy and pleasant to use. Your techniques are the same, only better.


When used with Effitec needles, SleeperOne is able to perform completely painless injections for children, including palatal and intraosseous injections.


Its high-tech and sleek design reassures children and adults alike.


It’s pen grip enables you to position your fingers close to the needle, allowing more effective support points and maximum precision.


The handpiece is very light for easy and comfortable handling. Its fineness enhances the visibility of the treatment zone

No force required

Thanks to the electronic injection the dental professional no longer needs to apply pressure to the syringe to deliver the anesthetic.

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