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The Story of Abby’s NuSmile

June 17, 2022 2 min read

Guest post from Dr. John Ayre (DDS) – My Kids Dentist, Magnolia, TX

Why I use NuSmile

I have used many different brands of esthetic anterior crowns over the past 15 years. Although they have all been an improvement over SSC’s, shape and durability has often been a problem. I love the fact that NuSmile ZR Zirconia crowns are esthetically pleasing, anatomically accurate, and durable. Not only are they pleasing to the parents, but to me as a practitioner. 

Abby’s Story

Every pediatric dentist sees child with severely decayed anterior teeth. It is heartbreaking for the parents, and can be challenging for the clinician. Treatment options are limited, especially with young or fearful children. 

Such was the story with Abby. She presented with four severely decayed upper incisors. At 4-years of age, the last thing the family (or I) wanted was to place silver crowns, or extract the teeth. Our other goal was to provide a long-term solution. 

My experience with zirconia crowns met those requirements. For the last three years, I have been very impressed with the natural appearance of zirconia crowns AND their durability. Unlike other products I have used, NuSmile ZR does not chip or loose their facings. And, there is not the issue of “silver-show.” 

Furthermore, I appreciate the biocompatibility of zirconia with the gingival tissue. I was able to complete all of Abby’s treatment in one setting. The parents were thrilled at the results! They feel they have their daughter’s teeth back. And Abby loves to show off her new smile. 

My experience being a consumer of NuSmile has been pleasant. The company has been very supportive and involved in the success of the crowns. The training courses and materials are a huge help.


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