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Introducing NuSmile SSC Pre-contoured!

June 17, 2022 1 min read

Over the last 25 years, NuSmile has provided NuSmile Signature and NuSmile ZR crowns to pediatric dentistry…until now. Known for being the ultimate one-stop-shop for pediatric restorations, NuSmile now offers stainless steel crowns, aka NuSmile® SSC Pre-contoured pediatric crowns. 

“Our crowns deliver exceptional value and design at a great price to help you increase practice productivity, reduce chair time and ensure great results for your patients” says Mark Binford, Senior Vice President of New Product Development at NuSmile.

Kit options differ in amount of crowns. The professional kit includes 240 crowns and the starter kit includes 120 – available in 1st and 2nd Primary molars 2-7.

NuSmile SSC individual crowns are also obtainable in packages of five.

Visit the NuSmile SSC product page to purchase or request a sample today!