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Save Money and Time with NuSmile NeoMTA

June 17, 2022 2 min read

For many years, pediatric dentists have used formocresol instead of MTA in their practices due to MTA’s high cost…until now. As of November 2015, NuSmile introduced NuSmile NeoMTA, the first cost-effective MTA for pediatric dentistry. Pediatric dentists across the country are moving to NuSmile NeoMTA due to its game-changing qualities that other MTAs don’t provide.

Dr. Zheng Xu, a clinical associate professor in Pediatric Dentistry at University of Washington, wrote in the March 2016 issue of Dental Economics; “NuSmile NeoMTA offers several advantages over some other MTAs I have used in the past. Perhaps the biggest news about this product is its low cost of just over $4.00 per dose. This new medicament is easier to work with than other MTAs I have used. First of all, it is easier to mix; its off-white powder is finer, which makes mixing go much more easily and smoothly. NuSmile recommends using a glass slab in conjunction with a flexible metal spatula, which allows fast incorporation of the powder and gel. Using the gel provided in the kit allows for a smooth and putty-like consistency that is easy to handle, as it prevents dry-out by retaining moisture longer.”

NuSmile NeoMTA is proven to save on cost, in part due to the attention to detail in the design of the powder storage container. Xu writes “I have also noticed that one particularly clever advantage of NuSmile NeoMTA is its desiccant-lined bottle, which protects the powder from moisture, provides effective reseal after opening, and allows the clinician to dispense only what is needed. This plays a big role in the medicament’s exceptionally low cost-per-dose.”

NuSmile NeoMTA sets more quickly than other MTAs, making it the perfect solution for pediatric dentists. “Using the gel, wash-out resistance is achieved in less than five minutes.” Xu writes. For years, it has been a challenge for pediatric dentists to find an MTA that will not break the bank.

With NuSmile NeoMTA – you can do both. Request a sample of NuSmile NeoMTA with your order by referencing promotional code NEOMTABLOG.