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New Year, New Honors

June 17, 2022 1 min read

NuSmile BioCem Universal BioActive Cement has just received two important honors:

  • Named one of Dentistry Today’s Readers’ Choice Top Innovative Products for 2017
  • Selected for a prestigious “Pearls for Your Practice” feature in the January issue of Dental Economics.

In the Dental Economics “Pearls for Your Practice” article, Joshua Austin, DDS, FAGD had some great things to say about BioCem:

  • He pointed out that pediatric dentists “have a tough draw when it comes to cementing tough materials. NuSmile BioCem is a great option for these tough situations.”  
  • He cited many of BioCem’s benefits, including its high bond strength to both zirconia and stainless steel, its hydrophilicity, and the fact that it contains no HEMA, BPA or bis-GMA. 
  • Dr. Austin also praised BioCem’s value. “BioCem is truly superior to more traditional cements in many ways,” he writes. “Considering that, you might expect it to be more expensive. You would be wrong.”

NuSmile BioCem delivers beneficial calcium, fluoride and phosphate to the oral environment, and forms hydroxyapatite within 24 hours to aid in replenishing the tooth.  Its tack cure feature makes placing preformed pediatric zirconia crowns significantly easier and more predictable than with other RMGI, GI or resin cements. Many clinicians also use BioCem as an important adjunct component of the NuSmile ZR Zirconia Crown System, which is the industry’s only complete zirconia pediatric crown system.  (It includes NuSmile Try-In crowns, which completely eliminate the risk of saliva and blood contamination interfering with cement retention, a concern with is present with all conventional zirconia crowns.)


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