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NuSmile NeoMTA Adds Extra Scoop for Extra Economy

June 17, 2022 1 min read

Through ongoing feedback from our pediatric dentistry customers we know that 0.05g is plenty for many of their pulpotomy cases, especially smaller anterior teeth and some 1st primary molars as well. While some large molar pulpotomies and pulp capping cases do require 0.1g of material, packaging that causes our customers to mix and use more MTA than needed does not serve our customers as it only drives up their costs unnecessarily. Providing two scoop sizes helps our customers and underscores the great flexibility that NuSmile NeoMTA offers, especially compared to other MTA products that are not only inferior in quality but are also inefficiently packaged, wasteful and as a result very expensive. 

Hands down, we have the best MTA on the market and by far the most cost effective one as well.