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Helping Nepali Children

June 17, 2022 1 min read

This is a guest post from Dr. Blake Wullbrandt, D.M.D. – Children's Dental Care

My name is Dr. Blake Wullbrandt and I am a pediatric dentist with a private practice in Keene, NH. Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to lead a mission trip with the purpose of providing dental care to children of Nepali immigrants in Goa, India. Despite daily challenges of heat and tenuous electrical and water supply, we were able to set-up and run a fully functional mobile dental clinic. Thankfully, NuSmile partnered with us to help provide their Signature Preveneered crowns which were used to restore many of these young kid’s teeth. I was confident these crowns would provide lasting care for these children because I have successfully used NuSmile Signature crowns in my own practice for years. I know I can depend on Signature crowns’ durability (veneers almost always hold up for the life of the tooth, and in cases of difficult occlusion they even wear almost like real teeth), consistency (predictable size and shape make a quality result easy), and esthetics (patients and especially parents love the beautiful before and after transformation).

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